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The purpose of this book is to record the location of all buildings that have been established as places of worship in Leicester and, where possible, provide the dates when the buildings were (or still are) in use by the city’s various denominations. Small pieces of other information relating to the history of either the buildings or the ’church’ as a congregation are also included.
It is hoped therefore that the book will be of particular use for reference by anyone whose interests have historical connections with the local churches, chapels or other places of worship. It may just form an interesting browse, but may possibly be of more studious use, for instance, to analyse the various trends in religion that have evolved during the city’s long history.
The lists comprise basically the places built especially for worship and those converted from buildings which at some time have had other uses. Non-specific buildings which were hired, like schools and halls, are therefore not shown, although there are a few exceptions, such as the Temperance Hall in Granby Street and Waterloo Hall in Waterloo Street which were hired over long periods for their services. Other exclusions are private chapels and those regarded as not normally for regular public use. These include ones in hospitals, universities, colleges or schools, cemeteries, convents, monasteries, funeral parlours and institutions (of which the current Church of the Good Shepherd in Welford Road, belonging to the Mission for the Deaf, must be the largest).
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