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Other errors have been noted in directories – understandable with the vast amount of information they contain. For instance, in a few cases they show incorrect denominations for some buildings (Wright’s 1864 directory is particularly prone). Hopefully all have been picked up in this issue. However, new information is always coming to light and the lists are by no means complete. The current situation is also ever-changing and so a further edition of the book is envisaged. To this end any substantiated written information which may amend, append or update the lists would be very welcome.
Many people have already contributed to this edition. In particular the large number of contacts made at the various churches of all faiths too numerous to mention individually. Nearly always have questions been readily answered and often extra information given as well which has contributed greatly to the book. Their help is very much appreciated as is the ever-willing assistance from members of the staff at the Record Office for Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland. Andrew Moore,2008

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Photographs referenced LMARS have been reproduced by kind permission of the Leicestershire Museums, Arts and Records Service.
On Lists: ‘Plan, ref’ indicates Plan Number and location number.
,‘E’ indicates building exists and ‘D’ indicates building demolished.
On Plans: --O indicates approximate location of building.
Plans are taken from the first edition ordnance survey (c.1886) and other Leicester plans of the 1950s and 1960s.
Plans do not show location of temples and mosques as most are existing and locatable from the street numbers which are given.

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